Aspartame Poisoning Mimics Multiple Sclerosis

Aspartame poisoning is often confused with multiple sclerosts or systemic lupus.The symptoms are virtually identical to

fibrormyalgia symptoms also consist of spasms,shooting pains,numbness in your legs,cramps,vertigo,dizziness

joint pain, depression,blurred vision,slurred speach and memory loss.

Aspartame brand names e.g. Nutrisweet,Equal, Sweet Spoon and many others.

When aspartame reaches 86 degrees F the wood alcohol converts to fomaldehyde then to formic acid.

Formic acid is the sting of fire ants.The menthanol toxicity creates symptoms of systemic lupus and multiple sclerosis. However if your symptoms are

caused by aspartame poisoning when you stop taking it ,the symptoms dissappear within 30 days.

Aspartame is the sweetener for diet coke,diet pepsi and thousands of other popular products.Read the labels and avoid aspartame like poison.

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Aspartame Poisoning Returns To MS Treatment

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