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There isn't a single adult in the world that isn't affected by, or worried about, disease -- either because someone they care about is battling disease (or they themselves have a disease, or are afraid they might develop a disease). People are searching desperately for safe, effective and inexpensive natural cures -- and this book provides the scientifically proven cure for virtually all diseases. Thousands of health practitioners are calling this "the greatest healing miracle of all time." Click Here! In autoimmune diseases,they are divided into two types, organ-specific and non-organ-specific. Scientists believe many factors such as environmental toxins, viruses, and diet may be the cause.

Nutritionists recommend a diet high in fresh vegetables and fruit, whole grains, brown rice, fish and poultry. Exercise daily if possible

Examples of organ-specific autoimmune disorders are insulin-dependent diabetes Addison's disease which affects the adrenal glands, and chronic active hepatitis which affects the liver. Examples of non-organ-specific autoimmune disorders are rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus.

Treatment is mainly aimed at the symptoms,which can be many and varied.

Research looks promising however,especially in stem cell research

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Autoimmune Disease

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