China Stem Cells Show Most Promise

China stem cells are about immune system replacement.The patient arranges an appointment with his/her doctor to harvest stem cells from the patients blood and also the bone marrow.

Enough must be gathered to insure a supply in case of an unlikely error during the rebuilding of the immune system.

The gathering of stem cells from the bone marrow is often painful and requires a rest period upon completion.The cells are cultured to clone themselves into many millions.

Next the patient takes an aggressive course of chemotherapy toshut down any immunity reponse.As the immune system is completely shut down the stems cells are reintroduced into the system to rebuild a new immunity system[a new system without the T cells which attacked the myelin causing MS symptoms].

This operation can take as long as 6 hours.

The patient must avoid contact from other people who may carry bacteria for at least 6 weeks.

The cost of this procedure can excede $20,000

Stem Cell Research

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