Edgar Cayce On MS Reads Psychic Report

He on focuses on this autoimmune disease from his world famous psychic trances,edgar cayce on ms. The symptoms are 1 visual disturbances-blurring-double vision-rapid eye movement 2 balance and coordination 3 tremor 4 clumsiness 5 giddiness 6 weakness and fatigue 7 spasms and muscle stiffness 8 tingling 9 numbness 10 slowing speech 11 frequent urgent urination 12 increased sensitivity to heat[or cold] 13 short term memory 14 diminished judgement or reasoning 15 depression


Seldom Fatal However can be crippling,unable to walk,speakor write

More common in women than men


MS is considered incurable Available treatments are aimed at reducing symptoms e.g. relief of spasticity,loss of bladder control,pain

Developing coping stategies,increasing social supports This is edgar cayce on ms.

Life Style Changes

Adjust schedule to avoid over stressing your coping skills, exercise can reduce muscle spasticity,increase stength,coordination,balance and stamina

Develope emotioal support systems.Edgar Cayce repeatedly stated MS results from a chemical imbalance due to glandular system problems.to produce the the required material for the nervous system to maintain itself.

The nervous system does not work in isolation from the rest of the body. It requires nutrients and the removal of toxic waste products.

The readings in edgar cayce on ms

Refer to poisons produced by the nervonu systems in MS toxicity may lead to an autoimmune response.

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Edgar Cayce

Edgar Caycee On MS

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