Fighting Multiple Sclerosis Pays Dividends

Tips for fighting multiple sclerosis, and the only acceptable result is eventual victory.Edgar Cayce stated you must expect to get better. It took ms years to reach a point of disability and it will take a long time to reverse the symptoms.

Some of the things that I am trying work a little, others not so much.One thing I do and seems to help- I take 5 times the recommended amount of vitamin D 2,000 IU.Constan trips to the washroom late at night destroying any chance of a restful sleep improved with taking one cup of cramberry juice each day.

The jury is still out on hemp seed oil ,I`ve been taking that for four months-2 tbs. each day.

The point is MS is a true designer disease,everyone has different symptoms to different degrees and everyone will react to treatment uniquely

MS treatments reconmended by well meaning sufferers don`t often work for other ms sufferers.

I sometimes believe the effort to find a solution is more important than treatment you choose.The harder you search, the more likely you are to achieve success.

Fighting MS

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