Living With MS2 Provides A Key To Healing

In living with ms2,an article that demonstrates the importance of control over you most prevalent thoughts are amply illustrated.The author has many great articles which I intend to pass on to you because ms could be affected more by thinking patterns than any other cause.


Science has proven the power of visualization and its ability to create. Golfer Jack Nicholas always visualizes his stroke before he hits the ball. He feels his swing and sees the ball flying exactly where he wants it to go before each shot. Michael Jordan was known to run through the entire game in his mind before he ever left the locker room. Every shot, every move, every pass was a mental image before it became a physical reality. When great gymnasts are injured, they are told to practice by lying on the mat and visualizing their performance.

Manifest your vision the same way you manifest your new mindset... by using your willpower to focus on it exclusively and with laser-like intensity. The more frequently you do so, the more quickly it will manifest.

If you want more rapid results, practice this visualization when you first wake up and just before going to bed as well. If you want your vision even more quickly, add a visualization around midday. Wherever you are, just let yourself relax.

Begin to see, hear and feel yourself in your vision. Bring up your picture and run the video all the way though. Make it bigger, better, brighter and more fun each time you see it. Let your feelings become more intense. The more vividly you imagine your vision and the more frequently you do so, the more quickly it will come to you.

Take action toward your vision each day. Walk, talk and think as if it were already yours. Do not concern yourself with tomorrow. Give 100% to every action today that will move you toward your vision.

Sincerely, Tony Dosanjh

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Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes in to us at midnight very clean. It's perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands, and hopes we've learned something from yesterday." -- John Wayne, Actor From living with ms2 to treatment

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