MS Alternative Treatment Improve Multiple Sclerosis Prognosis

Finding a ms alternative treatment could make a world of difference

One of the cornerstones of treatment for multiple sclerosis is dietary.

Roy Swank M. D. and his colleagues have shown that diets low in fats cause the illness to go into remission and the symptoms to diminish.

Further, in following patients over a period of 35 years, he has shown that those who follow this diet have lower disease progression rates than those who do not.

Most significantly, it has been shown that many patients are able to lead normal lives with just dietary manipulation alone.

I have found it to be of benefit for other chronic degenerative illness as well.

The MS patient begins to experience changes in the disease process within 4 to 6 weeks of starting the diet, often sooner.

The longer the person continues with the diet the more improvement occurs. Even persons with severe manifestations of the illness receive some benefit.

Inevitably, at some time in the process, the person will go off the dietary recommendations to see if in fact it is really helping or they are just going through a period of remission.

In every case symptoms begin to return within a short period of time and will resolve when the patient begins to follow the proper diet again.

That some individuals are more susceptible to high fat diets than others has been shown by D'Adamo through the testing of red blood cell groupings to determine their genetic susceptibility.

MS Alternative Treatmenr

Acupuncture can provide effective relief for manyMS symptoms.

Acupuncture releases andorphins and peptides in the brain.

In a recent study, almost 600 ms patients used acupuncture more than any other alternative treatment.

The effects show reduced pain,reduced tingling and numbness,improved bladder and bowel dysfunction,decreased spasticity and other symptom improvement.

In employing a ms alternative treatment,study your expected results. Chose carefully.

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