MS Brain Growth Astonishes Researchers

The key to ms brain growth is consistant meditation.Research has found that people who regularly meditate from 20-40 minutes every day are more relaxed, have better cognitive skills,and improved attention.

New research out of Yale University has found that regular meditation practice results in increased thickness of grey matter in the cortex of the brain. The increases were found in areas that are involved in sensory, cognitive and emotional processing

The brain increased in thickness in areas concerned with auditory,sensory and visual portions.It also appears that regular meditation practice may slow age-related shrinkage of the frontal cortex.

One easy way of meditating on a regular bases is to take advantage of ms relaxation videos Just watch,listen and breath deeply 1 minute in and 1 minute out. There are plenty of good relaxing videos to keep you free from stress.

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"An amazing thing, the human brain. Capable of understanding incredibly complex and intricate concepts. Yet at times unable to recognize the obvious and simple." -- Jay Abraham, Marketing Expert From ms brain growth to ms relaxation To ms symptoms To myelin repair

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