MS Chelation Best Opportunity To Beat MS

Confusion over ms chelation is not surprising.I believed like most people,that ms is caused by 1.genetic predisposition2.viral or bacteria attack.

Now, silver amalgam {50% mercury} used as filling material by dentists because of it`s ease to work with, could be the real culprit.

Mercury leaches out of the fillings and enters the blood stream.The mercury soon finds a home in essential organs{like the brain and spinal cord}

The mercury embeds itself into the organs. Your body can`t get rid of it by you need a chelation therapy supervised by a Doctor.

The chemical used changes the ion charge of metals in your organs thereby releasing them into the bloodstream.

Next ,another chemical is used to bind itself to the mercury and other metals and they get flushed from your system together.

Care must be taken that essential minerals are replaced quickly and a long break taken before any further chelation.

Any mercury fillings must be removed before chelation and this takes a specialist as fumes caused by the drill is more harmful than the static fillings

If this is the origin of your ms the symptoms will soon diminish

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