MS Cognitve Symptom Can Terrify The Stoutest Heart

MS Cognitive symptom was once considered rare, now with new advances in every area,it is thought to be more common, perhaps as much as 50% occurance in MS patients.

Better tools for measuring cognitive dysfunction have brought the real prevalence of this issue in the open.Doctors were reluctant to focus on this aspect

of the disease.

It is important to understand that dementia,that occurs in alzheimer rarely happens in multiple sclerosis. Only about3% and then in advanced secondary progressive.Less severe dysfunction can occur in 60% of patients.

The problems of MS cognitive dysfunction is the speed of coming up with the answer rather than the accuracy,which seems unaffected.

People with MS perform better on cognitive tests than people with depression only.Medication also affects the mental state of MS patients.

Memory problems account for 25to45% of reported cognitive symptoms,usually recalling recent events or learned materials.

Verbal fluency affects many MS patients,however verbal comprehension seems unaffected.

Fatigue,due to mental tasks, plays a big role.MS sufferers start a cognitive task in great shape but quickly drop off due to fatigue.

For best results in dealing with cognitive issues keep a journal, write things down,don`t rush.

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