MS Drugs Have Drawbacks

Avonex and other ms drugs have benifits over earlier medications

Avonex has only 5% anti-body developement and only requires injection once a week.

The downside is it requires a larger needle to enter muscle.

Rebif has a smaller sharper needle and is applied three times a week.

However it has a 20% anti-body developement.

When these drugs develope anti-bodies they no longer work and a new approach must be found..

One of the most common reaction is suffering from the flu like symptoms, during the first few weeks or months of Avonex treatment. By talking to your doctor about such side effects, you may be able to control them or lessen them. Many people take over the counter painkillers for such symptoms and continue to take the drug if they find it beneficial in treating MS.

Depression is likely to occur, so you may want to pay attention to this. Talk to your doctor about the options. You should know that not every drug should be taken because of the side effects. and that many side effects can be treated. However, of course there are side effects when stopping a drug.

Other problems with red and white blood cells may occur, you may experience heart problems, thyroid problems and this is why patients who take Avonex should be monitored while on the drug. Liver should be closely watched.

In the studies that were done, patients who were taking the drug experienced slowing the progression and fewer exacerbations.

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