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MSNews is an free on-line resource for news and research updates and discussion relating to Multiple Sclerosis.

It is available as a web site and discussion forum at and via email to registered users (registration is also free).

MSNews is like a daily newspaper of "what's up in Multiple Sclerosis" with an interactive letters to the editor attached to each story.

The stories are found and submitted by our staff, volunteers, and the readers themselves. They appear on the site after quick review by our editors, checking for link integrity, spelling, topicality, and filtering duplicates.

Readers can comment on each story in a threaded discussion forum if they wish, or submit news stories or reports to share with others. By participating in free registration, daily headlines, stories, and/or replies to your comments can be emailed to you if you wish. All the stories and comments are archived in a searchable database so that you can find references to stories and comments that were made in the past.

You can go directly to MSNews without coming to this page in the future by going to

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