MS Histamine May Be The Answer

How ms histamine, a very successful treatment of multiple sclerosis arrived and vanished in the late 40s and early 50s.

DR. Hinton Jonez from Washington state received his first ms patient when Mrs Johnson a badly disabled 30 year old with ms

was wheeled into see him..

She needed wall support to drag herself around. Dr. Jonez read everything he could about allergies because his only son suffered from eczema that refused to get better.

He attended a workshop where he met a Dr. Bayard Horton who was successfully treating allergies of every kind the exact opposite way most doctors of that day suggested it be treated.

He gave his patients histamine and had amazing results.He mentioned that he thought multiple scerosis was a disease of an allergic condition.

Dr. Jonez contacted Mrs. Johnson and told her about the meeting. She was desperate to try histamine on her ms.

Dr. Jonez gave her the first injection before she left the office.Mrs. Johnson said she felt the treatment working right away.

Within six monhs of that first shot she was walking with good balance,her vision improved so much her eye Dr. was amazed

A short time later the Sisters at a St. Joseph hospital asked Dr. run a ms clinic. He did with great success and gave nearly 150,000 injections without ill affects.

When the Sisters set up a permanent clinic in1951 DR. Jonez died and nobody offered to replace him.

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