MS History Reads Like A Mystery Novel

Top Ten Events In MS History

ms history

1868 MS described by Jean-Martin Charcot

1878 Myelin discovered by Louis Ranvier

1916 Detailed microscopic description made by James Dawson revealed the basio done in MS

1935 An animal form of NIS[EAE} developed by Thomas Rivers suggessted an autoimmune basis for the disease.

1946 Oligoclonal bands were discovered in spinal by Elvin Kabat and others, providing a diagnostic test for MS and linking MS to immune system problems .

1965 A NMSS expert committee developed definite criteria for MS diagnosis.

1969-1970 The first controlled trial of a successful treatment for MS.It used newly standardized diagnostic criteria and rating scales to evaluate the treatment.

1981 MRI was first used to examine a person with MS. MRI revolutionized diagnosis and provided evidence that MS is a constantly active disease.

1993 Betaseron was apptoved as the first drug to alter he course of MS.

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