MS Marijuana Popular But Still Illegal

MS marijuna can modify the difficult aspect of multiple sclerosts, the unpredictablity of the disease.Added to the painful symptoms,is the fact that they can come and go without warning.

It is estimated that there is between 50,000 and 75,000 ms sufferers in Canada.Women are 2-3 more likely than men to have the disease.

MS is caused by the immune system attacking the myelin covering that protects the brain and spinal cord nuerons.

Treatment today consists of drugs designed to moderate these attacks.They haven`t worked to any satisfactory degree and they sometimes have horrific side effects.

Many ms sufferers rely on marijuana as a complementory treatment aimed at reducing pain or tremors.Patients claim good results but they are not proven in clinical tests.

In 2005, a drug called Sativex was approved in Canada for the treatment of MS-related pain. It consists of various extracts from the marijuana plant and is administered via a mouth spray. "And so it's in replacement of people smoking an illegal substance," .

The vicious circle of not feeling very good, losing your general fitness,and not sleeping well…that's a big issue

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