MS Marriage Good For The Soul

In a ms marriage, the first requirement is communication between the couple MS can devestate a marriage.People cannot do all the things they hoped to achieve.

Their spouses suddenly find themselves overwhelmed with new responsabilities or even assumea caregiver role.

.Honest and open communication can save the marriage and even benifit the couple in unexpected ways. Helping with basic mobility or taking over household and other duties due to fatigue, much of the burden of MS may fall on a spouse.

The important balance of the marriage can shift to a parent-child relationship.Communication must be open and honest and frequent to give a good relationship an opportunity to thrive.

Medication can solve most sexual problems as long as open honest dialogue continues remembering its the journey not the destination that counts most

Medical care and other nessessary expenses due to ms places an extra burdon on the couple .. Good financial planning and asking for help when needed are essential.

Education is always the right thing to do when in doubt,A good explaination of some aspects of ms are in the video below.

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