MS Pregnancy Delivers More Than A Miracle

Chosing ms pregnancy can eliminate the ms symptoms during the full term. One woman with very bad eye sight reported her eye sight returned to nearly normal during pregnancy. She also noticed many other symptoms improved.

It has been widely reported that pregnancy improves almost all symptoms.Doctors believe the hormone prolactin

rebuilds the myelin sheath that covers nuerons in the spinal cord and brain.There is also other chemical adjustments that a soon to be mother goes through that suppresses the autoimmune responses. The pregnancy creates a state of remission.

The bad news is the postpartum period not only forces the new mother to deal with the awful symptoms of normal postpartum but the ms returns with full intensity.

The good news is that almost all ms sufferers who carried a baby full term usually delays the prognosis of ms by at least a few years.

Researchers are excited about the possible outcome of studying the exact hormones that affect ms pregnancies, hoping to find what sparks the remission.

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