MS Prognosis Surprises Science Group

A ms prognosis used to be bad news Until recently.

. Patch one eye or use opaque tape over one lens on a pair of glasses Add a magnifying light to your computer or desk Look for low-vision computer enhancement products Label refrigerator and freezer shelves in big print so it’s easier to find items

Get an organizer for your makeup and toiletries Managing Multiple Sclerosis Symptom: Weakness

Muscle weakness can cause problems with walking. A physical therapist may be able to show you exercises to improve strength and flexibility.

In addition, consider equipment to help you move more easily. This includes scooters, canes, crutches and wheelchairs.

Managing Multiple Sclerosis Symptom: Numbness

Most of the time, numbness is not disabling, but you do need to be careful. Watch yourself around sources of heat, such as fire and hot water, as you may get burned without knowing it.

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Good News

.Newsflash – Woman recovers from death grip of Multiple Sclerosis and teaches other people how. Click here for more details

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