MS Sex Better Than Onions

In ms sex the main component is comunication. Partners need to understand the limitations caused by multiple sclerosis.

Erectile dysfunction affects up to 70% of males who have ms. And women mention it can cause dryness and difficulty in achieving an orgasm.

Another major problem is muscle weakess or spasms during stressed positions,but these problems can be solved with patient understanding.

Viagra rescues most patients that haven`t suffered their disease for more than 20 years but while it works for most men,sometimes other drugs or procedures are indicated.

Dryness can successfully be soved with a trip to the drug store.Lubricants such as KY jellywork well but don`t use petroleum vaseline.

Intimacy without achieving orgasm satisfies. It is the journey not the destination that counts.

The brain is the most important sex organ. Tender comunication with unique imagination rules the day!

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Newsflash – Woman recovers from death grip of Multiple Sclerosis and teaches other people how.

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