MS Stem Cell Research Holds Glittering Promise

Stem cell research may have some answers to very important questions by the year 2010.

MS stem cell research creates a promise for the near future[2010].What is learned from recent conferences concerning stem cell research can enhance the bodies own repair system.

Adult stem cells from bone marrow and brain cells stimulate regeneration of damaged cells. Study of the brains capacity to regenerate cells through transplants could be key.

Science needs to develope ways to detect success or failure of cell therapies.Science also needs to develope better animal testing models.

Some doctors believe our information bank has reached a tipping point where valuable information,on MS stem cell research will begin to snowball positive results Transplanted multiple sclerosis stem cells can replace or repair myelin and provide anti-inflammitory protection for nerve fibres and cell covering myelin

2010 is the target date for multiple sclerosis stem cell improvement

Stem Cell Remission With Own Adult Stem Cells

Can China Stem Cells Stop the Progession Of Multiple Sclerosis?

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