Naltrexone Called New Wonder Drug

Naltexone was developed to help heroin addicts beat their addictions.Years later a smaller dose was found to aid in other diseases.The multitude of symptoms in MS can benifit greatly.

A small study of constant trips to the washroom during the night was often eliminated altogether with no side affects.

Other MS patients claim improvement in balance and walking sometimes after years of difficulties.

What many MS sufferers and doctors are delighted with is the quick resolution of some of these symptoms,often within a week.

More and larger studies are needed to determine the safety of low dose naltrexone,however safty factors were extensively observed during tests involving addiction to heroin and other drugs.

Although mri scans showed MS progressing as usual the patients testify that some of their symptoms are improving.

One thought is the drug improves the dopeimine output and reduces pain and spasicity. A positive attitude improves the prognosis and that is worth considering

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