Swank Diet Is Loaded With Vitamins And Minerals That MS Patients Need


Alternative Treatment For MS Patients - Provides 100% of Nutrition YOU Need to Speed Recovery Between Episodes

After decades of research the (MS) community will be delighted to know that there is an alternative treatment that doesn't require any physical activity other than a few minutes of culinary preparation.

Thanks to Dr. Roy Laver Swank and his 50 years of careful field observation, a low fat diet has been developed that will in most cases reduce recovery time between episodes. In order to understand the dynamics of this diet one must recognize there is, in accordance with Dr. Swanks' studies, a direct and distinct correlation between diet and probability of being stricken by this neurological disorder.

In 1948 Dr. Swank was allowed the opportunity to study disseminated sclerosis in mid twentieth century Europe. While there Dr. Swank noticed that populations having excess amounts of saturated and non-saturated fats in their diet where contracting multiple sclerosis at a distinctly higher rate than individuals residing in coastal areas.

His observation revealed that persons in coastal regions of Europe where feasting on foods derived from the sea. This is to say their primary diet was fish - filled with positive vitamins, nutrients and proteins - No red meats or pastries

As You know Their is Currently No Cure for MS, Although the Swank Diet Has Been Found to Drastically Aid in Recovery Time of Patients Showing Early Symptoms of Disseminated Sclerosis(MS).

When sufferers are diagnosed in later stages I.e. secondary progressive, primary progressive and progressive relapsing MS - recovery times did decrease although not to the degree observed in patients who where treated in earlier stages.

I would hope those of you reading this agree, no matter how subtle the improvement, any improvement is welcomed.

In general it's difficult to diagnose MS early on - due to its' relapsing remitting qualities, so if anyone begins to feel the slightest unexplained loss of balance, numbness of extremities, visual unclarity's or just plain fatigue, you'll want to give serious consideration to visiting your physician.

New Patients Need to Understand the Importance of Early Detection and Treatment In order To Curve the Symptoms as Quickly as Possible. The Key Word is Curve Not Cure...

As far as curing disseminated sclerosis(MS) their are promising studies being done with stem cell research which appear to be capable of remyelinating the central nervous system. This is truly inspiring for those inflected with this debilitating disease!

Taking all these factors into consideration the most realistic approach for sufferers today is purely transdisciplinary

There Are 7 Popular Alternative Treatments Practiced Today:

  1. Herbal medicines
  2. Tai Chi
  3. Yoga
  4. Cannabis
  5. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment(HBOT)
  6. Exercise ... and
  7. Diet

Without Question Low Saturated Fat Diets are the Most User Friendly and Less Controversial!

The diet is easy to follow although if you're a true carnivore you may not want to read an further -- if veggies and fruits are your fancy you're in for a lifetime of bliss!

Diet Regimen:

  • Dairy Products - less than 1g of saturated fat per serving( recommendation) 2 servings per day
  • Eggs - 3 eggs per week, one per serving
  • Grains - Whole grains only !
  • Pasta/Rice - whole grain pasta or rice
  • Fruit - any and all...
  • Vegetables - 2 servings per day
  • Poultry - Turkey and white meat in 4oz daily servings
  • Fish - white fish in any amount!
  • Red Meat -  "ZERO"
  • Fats - low amounts of fat are permissible... (15 grams) of daily saturated fat and(20 grams) unsaturated fat
  • Condiments - No mayo although all other spices and luxuries such as Ketchup, mustard etc. are permissible
  • Nuts & Seeds - are also permissible in any amount!
  • Beverages - (examples) caffeine, teas, colas (recommendation) 3 cups of either daily (note) not all - eaither...
  • Oils - cottonseed, soybean, olive, safflower,  rapeseed,  sesame seed, linseed, sunflower seed, peanut, and flax seed... all permissible

These foods represent much deserved freedom and independence from the wide array of symptoms brought on by episodes associated with Multiple Sclerosis. When The Swank Diet is followed it can dramatically change the course of your life and the loved ones who care so much for you.

It's unfortunate that Dr. Swank is no longer here to aid in continued research, he will be missed by the entire MS community. Thank you Dr. Swank for your ground breaking work and unselfish dedication in enriching the lives of so many. You will be missed...

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