Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis Can Cause Serious Misunderstandings

Symptoms Of Mutiple Scerosis causes all kinds of uncomfortable situations.

Staggering down a busy street can easily get you arrested.The procedure of getting booked for drunk in a public place can have horrendous results.

A busy person has no time to waste in a crowbar hotel.Symptoms of multiple sclerosis can cost you money.Lost work time will cut deep into your income.

The symptoms of multiple sclerosis are as varied as there are people.These symptoms seem to travel like hungery wolves.

Balance--very common

Visual problems

Fatigue--my personal favorite

Coordinaton--much like being drunk


Weakness--especially the legs



Bladder and Bowel difficulties

Numbness-- especially in the arms and legs

The symptoms of multiple sclerosis do not lend themselves to a confident diagnosis because people with MS can have any number of these symptoms to any degree Four types of multiple sclerosis are common.


Secondary progressive--80% of the first group

Primary progressive-10% who never enjoy a remission.


home Plan your day. Schedule your most important activities for the times when you have the most energy. Eliminate low-priority tasks

Take naps. A 10- to 30-minute nap can refresh you and pump new energy into muscles

Keep cool. Lowering your body temperature can re-energize you. Try cool showers, air conditioning or a dip in the pool

Try relaxation and deep breathing exercises Discuss possible medications with your doctor

Managing Symptons Of Multiple Sclerosis

You should also consider joining a self-help group to meet others who share your condition and concerns. But in any case, don’t ignore your feelings. Help is available

Cognitive impairment can be one of the most frightening of all the MS symptoms.

Try to stay calm if you start to forget or become confused. Taking a few minutes to calm down can help clear your mind and memory. The following suggestions can also help.

Keep a daily diary with appointments, reminders and “to do” lists

Use electronic organizers for phone numbers and addresses Keep important papers and other things in one place that’s easy to remember. A consistent routine makes remembering easier Take a break if you feel overwhelmed

Maintain a sense of humor. A little laughter can go a long way. Managing Multiple Sclerosis

Symptom: Mood Changes Depression is a serious and common problem of multiple sclerosis. If you’re feeling depressed, talk to your doctor. Medication and/or counseling can help.

You should also consider joining a self-help group to meet others who share your condition and concerns. But in any case, don’t ignore your feelings. Help is available.

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