Wet cell Battery Produce Excellent Results

The wet cell battery provides gentle electrical stimulation to the patients body.The advantage of this method is that it by-passes the alimentary canal and the digestive system resulting in fewer side affects.

This type of treatment is more subte and takes much longer to produce the desired results

It operates on the pinciple of vibratory stimlation to the cells and could take months or even years to demonstrate it`s power to heal multiple sclerosis.

Edgar Cayce has recommended the wet cell battey in over 900 readings.

The ms treatments only take between 10-30 min and should be followed with a ms massage.

This must be done daily to eventually reduce ms symtoms to almost zero.

Multiple sclerosis displays many different symptoms and affected people try many possible treatments for some measure of recovery.

I have tried mabe a dozen such alternative treatments, not much success yet but I intend to try the wet cell battery next month.

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